We offer a wide variety of elective orthopedic and soft tissue surgical services as well as orthopedic emergency services. The majority of our surgeries are elective and outpatient. Occasionally, depending on the type of surgery, horses will be hospitalized long term.

Our surgical center consists of 2 state-of-the-art surgical suites with 4 induction/recovery stalls. We have an additional surgical room equipped for standing surgical procedures such as upper airway surgery, reproductive surgery and laparoscopic surgery. We have three modern barns for patient holding and hospitalization.

Orthopedic Surgery Highlights:

  • Conformation evaluations and surgery
  • Arthroscopic Surgery – Treatment of the joint for conditions such as OCD’s and chip fractures. This is generally an outpatient procedure.
  • Other Rigid endoscopic surgery – treatment of injuries to digital flexor tendon sheath, carpal canal and other synovial structures.
  • Fracture Fixation: many fractures in horses can be repaired, over the past 10 years improvements in orthopedic implants and recovery systems have improved our success with many fractures.

Soft Tissue Surgery Highlights:

  • Upper airway surgery – We provide a complete array of upper airway diagnostic and surgical procedures. This includes flexible video endoscopy and LASER surgery
  • Laparoscopic surgery – We offer minimally invasive surgeries such as cryptorchidectomies and ovariectomies. These procedures often result in decreased patient discomfort and convalescent times.

Pool Recovery System:

  • Patients at high risk of injuring themselves during recovery from anesthesia can be recovered in our swimming pool. We have the only swimming pool recovery system in the state of Florida and one of only a handful in the United States. Horses are placed into the pool while they are still anesthetized. As they wake up and gain their balance & coordination the floor in the swimming pool gradually lifts them out of the water. This greatly diminishes the chances of injury during recovery and is invaluable in horses with long bone fracture repairs that are vulnerable to failure during recovery.