Gastroscopy is the examination of a horse’s stomach (usually for the diagnosis of stomach ulcers) and requires a flexible 3m+ long video endoscope. Equine Gastric Ulceration Syndrome (EGUS) has become an increasingly recognized problem, affecting many types of horses. If your horse is underperforming, has behavioral changes, has a poor appetite, poor coat condition or pain on girthing then they may be suffering from gastric ulcers. Using gastroscopy to visualize the horse’s stomach, we are able to see whether ulcers are present or not and also which type. Once diagnosed, we can offer the most appropriate treatment. At Ocala Equine Hospital, we now offer gastroscopes performed at your farm!

To schedule a gastroscope, please call Dr. Samantha Miles at 352-239-0262 or the office at 352-368-1616