A leader in the field of upper airway examinations and surgeries, Ocala Equine Hospital (OEH) has offered its clients dynamic upper respiratory exams since 2008. These exams provide conclusive information on the function of the upper airway at exercise. OEH utilizes the Optomed Dynamic Respiratory Scope which provides live communication for the veterinarian performing the exam and the trainer or owner requesting the exam. In addition, the video is recorded and analyzed by Dr. Madison who provides both surgical and non-surgical recommendations.

DRE exams offered by OEH allow the horse to train under normal working conditions (tack, rider, environment) without any adjustment period required prior to the examination. This system is minimally invasive with the only additional piece of equipment on the horse being a noseband holding the scope in place.

Findings that can observed only during a DRE exam include: dynamic collapse of arytenoids, collapse of the aryepiglottic (AE) folds, pharyngeal collapse, and vocal cord collapse. In addition to lesions that are only observed during exercise, DRE exams can provide conclusive information about lesions seen on an at rest examination to determine if they are problematic.

To schedule a DRE exam, please call Dr. Adam Lusk directly at 352-812-1626 or the office at 352-368-1616.